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Too Competent to Seek Help?: Organizational Values That Could Jeopardize Employee Progress

In this post I am going to make a case for why it is important to encourage ‘help-seeking’ when individuals (employee or executive) encounter challenges (during training or on the job) that they may find difficult to solve.  At first … Continue reading

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Maximizing E-learning ROI: Intrinsic Goal Orientation

  As discussed in the last post, intrinsic goal orientation is another motivational factor that tends to play a significant role in online learning environments. Intrinsic motivation refers to one’s tendency “…to be participating in a task for reasons such as … Continue reading

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Maximizing E-learning ROI: Self-Regulated Learning and Employee Performance

Advances in online technologies in the past two decades have made it possible for many organizations to incorporate online learning into their training and development programs.  In doing so, new and existing employees were encouraged to access portion or most of their … Continue reading

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A Learning Theory You Can’t Afford Not to Know: Self-Regulated Learning (Part 2)

Pintrich’s Model of Self-Regulated Learning Unlike Zimmerman’s model, Pintrich’s (1999, 2004) model examines self-regulatory strategies using a well-known questionnaire (i.e., Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire, MSLQ) that was developed by Pintrich and his colleagues (Pintrich, Smith, Garcia, & Mckeachie, 1993). MSLQ is very well received by the … Continue reading

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