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Providing Blended Learning as Part of Your Corporate Training Services?: A Learning Theory You Can’t Afford Not to Know

Recent advancements in e-learning technologies have inspired many corporate trainers to search for more creative ways of maximizing employee productivity and performance in their work place. As discussed in my previous posts, empirical findings from university settings have convinced many … Continue reading

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Blended Learning: An Excellent Investment

Advances in educational technologies in the past two decades have made it possible for institutions to incorporate online learning into their curriculum. During the past 10 years, post-secondary institutions have witnessed a significant growth in enrolment of students in online courses. The estimated … Continue reading

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Subtypes and Categories of Blended Learning (Educational and Corporate Settings)

In my last post i provided a brief overview of blended learning.  In this post, i am going to talk about the subtypes and categories of blended learning that exist in today’s educational and corporate settings.    Subtypes of Blended Learning Approaches … Continue reading

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What is Blended Learning?

In recent years, researchers have recognized the possibility that more integrative learning environments may help university students to maximize their learning potentials within their courses (Graham 2006; Vaughn, 2007).  Therefore post-secondary institutions have introduced a new pedagogical design where online and … Continue reading

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